Wyc Grousbeck isn't about to take blame for those forgettable years before his Boston Celtics ownership group arrived in 2002.

Seven playoff absences in nine seasons? It was the sort of stretch that would have driven him insane.

He's struggling enough with this one postseason-less campaign, one that will break the Celtics' streak of six consecutive playoff berths and drop their playoff success rate to 75 percent while on his watch – nine out of 12 in all. But the 52-year-old knows this is a necessary part of the process, that the decision last summer to shift gears and start the rebuilding process would inevitably lead to these sorts of struggles.

"I'm not used to being out of the playoffs," he said. "I remember being back to the building phase back from '03 to '07, and we knew in '03 that we didn't have a team that was capable of winning. So we changed the coach and the general manager and really started over just building through the draft, with the goal eventually of maybe making a couple of transformative trades. And that's really how it played out in '07. So we really think we're going to do the exact same thing. We're going to draft and be patient and provide the payroll and support and steady hand necessary to bring this back, because I'm only interested in banners. I named my company 'Banner 17' – we got that one (championship in 2008). I might as well name it Banner 18, because that's all we're interested in."