Though recent reports speculated that the Celtics could offer the Minnesota Timberwolves the most attractive package of players and draft picks for All-Star forward Kevin Love, league sources told the Globe Wednesday that other teams can and are expected to offer more enticing deals.

“They’re not even in the top three,” one league source said of the Celtics.

Furthermore, those sources again stressed that because Timberwolves president Flip Saunders named himself head coach, he is more directly responsible for wins and losses, making it likely he’d prefer proven players over draft picks in a deal.

“They want to win now,” said another league source. “They want to be competitive now, with or without Kevin. These draft picks aren’t going to do that. So if they’re going to move Kevin, they’re going to get two or three guys that can help them win now.”

If that is the case, the Celtics could be at a disadvantage because their biggest trade asset is draft picks. They have as many as 10 first-round picks over the next five years, including the sixth and 17th overall selections in the June 26 draft.

But the Celtics remain confident they can create an enticing offer, even if that means getting creative and acquiring more proven players they could then deal to Minnesota.

As an executive and part owner, Saunders must look long term, too, meaning it’s possible that draft picks — especially the Celtics’ future unprotected first-round picks — will entice him.