The great comedian Lenny Clarke used to say that whenever he was feeling down he would head to a cemetery and take a stroll through.

“What the hell?” he’d say, “I’m doing better than everyone here.”

The Celtics had that opportunity yesterday as they crossed paths with the Bulls in the swanky Manhattan hotel they shared. The Bostonians were coming off an 85-78 loss to the Knicks on Saturday afternoon. The Bulls went over to Brooklyn that night and trailed by as many as 28 before falling to the Nets, 106-89.

“What the hell?” The Celts could say.

They had a better opening day of the playoffs than any other NBA team at this midtown address.

Doc Rivers had spoken to his former assistant and current Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. Presumably they held each other verbally tight and tried to convince each other that things would get better.

“This is not a good hotel today,” said Rivers before presiding over a team meeting and video session that would not be receiving rave reviews. “Two losing teams. I think one should leave. This was a quiet, dark hotel (Saturday) night. The New York area teams didn’t treat the guests very well.”

The Celtics were, however, more concerned yesterday about how poorly they treated themselves in Game 1. We’ve been through all the digital doom — the 11 turnovers and seven made baskets in the second half, the eight turnovers and eight points in the last quarter.