While the Celtics were still awaiting final paperwork on a minor move they hope won’t turn out to be so minor (a 10-day contract for Terrence Williams), the club is still working extremely hard to find something else that will support its run over these next few months.

According to one opposing team executive, the Celtics “are one of the more active teams out there talking, but they really don’t have a lot of great options. They don’t have a lot to trade.”

It seems, too, that reports of some of the bigger Celtics names being “discussed” is more a matter of semantics than actual deep negotiation. Another source with knowledge of the two clubs told the Herald the Clippers have yet to make an actual and formal offer for Kevin Garnett. He added that the sides haven’t spoken in days.

“If a team calls you and says, ‘I’d like to get so and so,’ does that count as a trade discussion? It seems like it does in today’s world,” he said.

It is also interesting to note that someone close to Garnett said the Celts have yet to approach him about any of the talk, let alone to ask if he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause.