Some players retreat into the seclusion of the trainer’s room when they’re injured but say this much about Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics guard is at every game every back-to-back and in his coach’s ear fully invested in establishing his position as leader of this fluid imprecise team.

But he’s not on the floor maybe not until sometime in December. His clout has limitations in that respect. The players who have been out there for the C’s 1-5 exhibition start need empowerment — one of the many tough jobs facing coach Brad Stevens.

It helps though when the empowering comes from the players. That’s something Doc Rivers never had to worry about over the last six years of his Celtics reign. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and Ray Allen policed the locker room keeping all concerned in line.

Garnett had empowerment in mind last season when he told the media that Jeff Green could be one of the best players in the NBA. When word filtered back to Green the Celtics forward beamed in genuine surprise. Endorsements aren’t common from KG and are motivational gold.

Pierce seemed to be on a similar mission when he visited his old team prior to Tuesday’s game in Brooklyn. He made his way through the visitors locker room as if he still belonged there talking to old friends and encouraging them to take care of themselves.

Pierce now in the odd position of watching from the outside wants to like what he sees.

“They’ve got a lot of good young talent” he said. “I’ve had a chance to watch them a couple of times on TV. Obviously their big rookies you see (Jared) Sullinger he’s taken the next step he’s finally healthy. Then when they get Rondo back this team has a bright future.

“Jeff Green I expect him to emerge and really have a good season” Pierce added. “Courtney Lee is comfortable out there. Avery (Bradley) it’s time for him to really step up. They really have some great young pieces to build on.”

But Pierce went further. He approached Green Bradley and Brandon Bass just as when he still occupied the main seat of authority in the locker room.