The Los Angeles Clippers' Chauncey Billups, inactive since Dec. 5 with tendinitis in his left foot, went out to dinner at Strega Waterfront with an interesting group Saturday night — Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, the players' wives, and Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

Could the meeting, originally reported by the Inside Track, have to do with the Celts' need for a point guard and a show of interest in their 1997 first-round draft pick?

A Celtics source familiar with the meeting was unsure at best with the following text: "We are not really looking at anything. Who knows (if something will happen)? I doubt it."

A published report about the Clippers' willingness to trade Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler for Garnett appears even more of a non-starter. Bledsoe has played so well in the absence of Chris Paul — witness his 23-point, 10-assist, seven-rebound performance during yesterday's 106-104 Celtics win — that the Clippers are far less inclined to deal him now. Butler is also said to be a non-starter in any trade talk.

The Clippers are also committed to avoiding the luxury tax — an apparent dead end, considering the $12.5 million Garnett is earning this season.

Overall, the C's remain cautious about filling their two remaining roster spots.

"We haven't talked about it — we obviously can because we need a body. But we haven't much at all," said Rivers. "Danny (Ainge, president of basketball operations) is doing all of the work now, and this week or in two weeks he'll come in with a long list of scenarios. I'm interested if it's someone good. If Michael Jordan is out there in street clothes and can still play, we'd take him. I like our team, but you always want to bring someone in if they can help your team."

Perhaps the biggest longshot of all is Greg Oden, the 2007 No. 1 pick who has only played 82 games in his career because of repeated knee surgeries.

"I said hi to him, and we reminisced about high school days when I saw him in AAU, but other than that I thought far more about the guys we're playing tonight rather than next year," Rivers said.