Perhaps it’s just gamesmanship. Or maybe it is a player honestly assessing a No. 7 seed, the Celtics, going against a No. 2 seed, the Knicks, in the NBA playoffs. But Boston’s Kevin Garnett Friday anointed the Celtics as series underdogs while proclaiming the Knicks the better team.
“We are,” Garnett said before Celtics practice at Columbia when asked which team is the underdog in the series starting Saturday. “The Knicks are the better team. They’ve deserved it. They’ve earned it and rightfully so. (Carmelo Anthony) is playing unbelievable. J.R. (Smith), that whole team. They’re playing with a lot of confidence. That’s what you want going into the playoffs.”
Garnett also admitted “it’s difficult” to focus on basketball with the on-going nightmare of the Boston Marathon bombing plus the aftermath that placed the great city in a manhunt lockdown. So given Boston’s state of affairs, the 3-1 regular season series edge the Knicks held, Anthony’s scoring title and the Celtics finishing 13 games behind, maybe Garnett has a point.
But regardless of who is favored, everybody involved predicts a knockdown, drag out affair. Typical Boston vs. New York anything.