The Boston Celtics went from high-end championship hopefuls to all-out NBA rebuilders in a span of a few weeks last summer jettisoning Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers in an attempt to clear payroll and start over. The process will be helmed by rookie head coach Brad Stevens a bright and intelligent coach that has absolutely no experience on the pro level. Stevens’ admitted to burning the midnight oil mid-summer talking up the work he needed to do to catch up to the NBA’s 30 teams and 400-some players.

This sort of flies in the face of the detailed work done by Dr. Charles Czeisler who has advised the Celtics since 2009 under the guise of “The Sleep Doctor.” Dr. Czeisler’s work was lauded by Rivers a few years back and he has Celtics el jefe Danny Ainge’s full blessing to change travel plans and encourage pregame naps alongside a hoped-for full night of sleep after an oddball NBA day. Thankfully for Ainge and his players Stevens is going against his own approach and following the advice of the good doctor.