Last Week Tonight host John Oliver tore into the New York Yankees on Sunday night, in particular COO Lonn Trost for comments he made on New York radio. The comments Oliver centered around were regarding the Yankees announcement that they’re no longer accepting printed tickets, in part out of worry that people would resell them. Part of the Yankees fear according to Trost is that fans who paid full price for premium seats in Legends Club would not feel comfortable sitting with ‘someone who has never sat in a premium location.’

So in typical Last Week Tonight fashion, the show decided to buy two tickets in the Legends Club section for three of the Yankees games opening week. The twist is they will sell the tickets for 25 cents. There is one catch, as Oliver says ‘You must dress like you have never sat in a premium location before.’

Kudos to Oliver for calling out the Yankees who he dubbed ‘the biggest elitist assholes in all of sports’. Yankees president Randy Levine issued a statement responding to Oliver’s plan saying ‘Everyone is welcome at Yankee Stadium, and I thank John Oliver for buying Yankees tickets.’

Here are some of the best submissions from people who have never sat in a premium location:

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