The futures of Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce are uncertain right now, but former Celtics great Cedric Maxwell thinks they aren't coming back.

Maxwell sat down with CSNNE's Mike Felger on Sports Sunday to discuss the future of the Celtics.

"My hope is that all three of these guys are coming back but my true belief and my knowledge I think that they won't be back," Maxwell said. "I think Doc will take a leave of absence, he will go on. I think Paul Pierce, the team has an option right now on his contract at $16 million they can pay him $5 [million]. I think the financial part is going to [come] in. And as Kevin Garnett said, if Paul doesn't come back, I think Kevin weighs his options and says he wants to go someplace else."

If that happens, do the Celtics blow it up completely? Felger says the team can still possibly make the playoffs without Garnett and Pierce, but if they want to rebuild, being mediocre isn't going to do it. That means possibly trading other stars like Rajon Rondo and trying to build through the draft.

But if Maxwell is right, Rivers won't be there to coach the incoming players.