Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts III had his 2013 season cut short due to injury, just like his 2012 NFL season. The difference though, is Shorts played injured the entire regular season in 2013 until he just couldn't go on the field any longer.

"We thought it was a groin strain, through OTAs and training camp and they were trying to take care of me and whatnot, but it wouldn't go away," Shorts told Jeff Lageman on Jaguars Thursday on 1010XL when asked when he knew his injury was a problem last season.

"After Week 1, the second half of the Kansas City game my leg like shut down," Shorts continued. "I could really push off of it, just not strong and I started to get some pain in my testicle area. Then after the game I thought, 'A groin strain's not going to be in your testicles."

No. No it is not.

It turned out that Shorts actually had a sports hernia and played on it until he just couldn't anymore, noting that going for a long pass on Thursday Night Football on a short week against the Houston Texans was likely the straw that broke the camel's back in that regard.

"I'm coming back real strong, probably about 95, very close to 100 percent," Shorts said. "I'm running without pain, which is the biggest thing. I was struggling with that all year last year, probably from this time last year all the way through surgery I was struggling with pain to get through it."