Anthony Bennett takes a pass at the top of the key then without taking a dribble quickly spins to his left and faces away from the basket.

He spins back just as quickly squares his shoulders and shoots.

Bennett's Cavaliers teammates have exited the gym. It's just Bennett several coaches and the ball. He performs the drill repeatedly -- catch hold the ball spin face left spin back face the basket shoot.

He is standing beyond the 3-point line the same spot from where his first NBA preseason shot was launched. It hit nothing but the backboard about a foot to the left of the rim.

Things didn't get much better from there as the 6-foot-8 rookie forward finished Tuesday's win over Milwaukee with a miserable 2-for-12 shooting performance. He also went 3-for-8 on free throws.

Making things worse was the fact he looked fairly winded for the majority of his 22 minutes. Making it even worse than that was Cavs coach Mike Brown pointing to Bennett as the reason for four of Brown's first five timeouts.

And with Bennett forever holding the distinction as The No. 1 Overall Pick in the 2013 NBA Draft he is likely to be scrutinized criticized and not cut much slack.

Fair or not (actually it's not fair at all) this is just the way the sports world operates.

The sports world doesn't really mention the fact Bennett tied Cavs big man Anderson Varejao with a game-high 10 rebounds. Or that Varejao led the league in rebounding until his injury last season -- and that Bennett's just a rookie playing in his first preseason game.

Nor will it mention anything about Bennett missing summer play because of shoulder surgery in the spring.

To Bennett's credit he doesn't really talk about any of that or make any excuses either.