You may remember the last time the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off. The scene was Cleveland. The date was December 1st. The night was thrilling. The set-up was double-overtime. The deciding moment was a twisting, 0.2-second three-pointer by Nicolas Batum to seal (and steal) the win for the Blazers, 118-117.

Now the Cavaliers are back for revenge. And they brought Kyrie Irving this time.

The Portland faithful will remember that Irving was out for that double-OT contest, seemingly robbing the game of its main storyline: the face-off between the once and future Rookie of the Year. It didn't turn out that way. Hopefully this outing will provide more drama in the individual matchup between Irving and Damian Lillard and less in terms of the final score. The Cavs are 4-14 since Irving's return including a loss last night in Sacramento. The Blazers would like to keep that trend going.