The Cavaliers' reunion tour continues today when C.J. Miles returns to Utah for the first time since leaving the Jazz to sign as a free agent with the Cavs last summer.

Miles spent the first seven years of his career in Utah. His return follows Luke Walton's return to play the Los Angeles Lakers last Sunday, as well as Omri Casspi's return to Sacramento on Monday. For all three players, it was their first time back to play against the teams on which they started their careers.

But like Walton and Casspi before him, Miles said it's a business trip, not a homecoming.

"Of course, I spent a long time there, but at the end of the day, it's not about me going home, it's about us trying to get better as a team and us trying to win a basketball game," Miles said Friday.

Miles knows he'll see a lot of old friends and teammates, though he hasn't made any special plans to do so. He wants to make clear that he loved his time in Utah and that there was no animosity upon his departure.

"I can't say I outgrew it, it was just time for a change," he said. "It was kind of mutual. It was made to seem there was this bad ending, but it really wasn't. I spoke to coach [Tyrone] Corbin at the exit meeting and spoke to him again a couple weeks later. I know that's going to be asked when I get there. There's no beef, there's no nothing.

"Coach Corbin was great to me. My first three or four years, he's the guy I was with every day -- working out before the game, after practice, before practice -- he's who I was with. He was my guy. He was pretty much my player-development guy at the time. I've got nothing but love for him. I'm even close to his family, his daughter and son. Nothing but love with that.