Cary Williams is not going to apologize for missing a minicamp practice or two to attend his daughter’s dance recital.

On the contrary. He’s proud he went.

Williams, the Eagles’ free agent cornerback, spoke at length after practice Tuesday about missing at least three OTA practices in May for various personal reasons, including attending his 3-year-old daughter’s dance recital in Nashville.

He said fans who criticized him for electing to miss practice to watch a dance recital don't understand his motivation and don't get who he is.

“Fans, I love ya’all, but geez, gimme a break,” he said. “If I was a guy that had three kids with three different women and I was a womanizer, you’d be reporting that. Now I want to see my girl’s recital and I’m a bad guy?

“If I was doing something negative, then report it. I’m not doing anything negative. I’m just trying to be a great dad, I’m just trying to be a great family man, I’m just trying to live my life outside of football and not be confined to just a box. …

“Sorry I wasn’t here during OTAs. You want me to do that during the season? We don’t have any days off during the season.”

The Eagles signed Williams this offseason to a three-year, $17 million contract that included a $5 million signing bonus.

The exact number of OTAa Williams missed isn’t known, since the practices are technically voluntary, according to terms of the CBA, and most of the sessions aren’t open to the media.

But Williams did confirm that he missed sessions to have oral surgery, to oversee his home being built and to see his daughter’s recital.

“Because life does happen,” he said. “And I don’t want to sound disrespect[ful], I love my job, I just have to make sure my sconces, my wood was picked out, my fireplace.”

Williams said it was important that he attend his daughter’s dance recital and said it’s important to him that he tries to be a full-time dad despite the demands of professional football.

“I’m sorry that people made such a big deal about something that’s so small,” he said after Tuesday’s minicamp practice. “I grew up as a kid who didn’t have two parents in the household. I definitely take pride in being there for my daughter and for my children and any future children, because I didn’t have that when I was younger.

“I’d much rather talk about something more important. Make plays on Sundays, Sundays is the biggest thing. When you’re winning games on Sundays, all those things go out the window. …

“[I’m] just ready to move on and play football. That’s all it’s about. Playing football on Sundays. OTAs is a part of it, I understand that. We’ve got to get acquainted to our new coaches, we’ve got to get acquainted to new players, but when those bullets really start flying, that’s when you really see what type of person you have out there.