Cary Williams was lucky he wasn’t tossed from the Super Bowl. During one of the post-whistle scrums between the Ravens and 49ers, the Baltimore cornerback flew out of the pile and shoved away an official who was trying to break things up.

Williams, interviewed this week on Washington’s 106.7 The Fan, said he didn’t realize he made contact with a referee.

“It was in the moment, man,” Williams said (via Sports Radio Interviews). “It was one of those situations where you let your emotions get the best of you. As far as I’m concerned, I remember my helmet getting ripped off by No. 49 or whatever, and I just reacted. I didn’t see the ref; I didn’t realize he was there. I just pushed whoever to try to get to him.”

Williams credited the official for not getting bent out of shape and ejecting him from the game (or even throwing on a flag on him, for that matter).

“The ref saw that I wasn’t trying to intentionally get him or hurt him or harm him in any way, and I think he played it the right way. He made the right call; he made the right decision. And I just got to live with that situation.”

Living with it could include getting hit with a fine by the league.

“The league hasn’t contacted me. … So whenever it comes, I got to cross that bridge when we get there.”