For a player that seemed to have a questionable grasp on an NHL roster spot prior to the start of the season, Jordan Caron has found his way into a lot of action in the early going.

Caron was inserted back into the lineup for the last two games after Loui Eriksson was knocked out with a concussion, and he’s been an asset thanks to his versatility and readiness to jump back into the Bruins lineup.

Caron had a couple of shots on net in last weekend’s loss to New Jersey and caught the eye of the Bruins coaching staff with his jump in the comeback win over the San Jose Sharks.

“He can play both sides. He played a lot of his junior career on the right side, and he’s big and strong,” said Bruins coach Claude Julien. “He can take pucks to the net. He’s certainly another guy that’s come in this year as a better player. He’s more determined, and when he’s played, he has played very well. We’re fortunate to have some depth there.”

It wasn’t quite the same impact that Caron mustered up in the first few games of the regular season while Carl Soderberg was out of the lineup, but the 22-year-old has been at the right wing spot rather than the left where he started the season.

His ability to play both sides is something that he knows only enhances his value as an extra forward capable of stepping into different emergency situations when needed.

It certainly had to be a confidence booster on some level when the Bruins didn’t pull up Ryan Spooner or Nick Johnson from Providence to replace Eriksson, instead putting more responsibility on Caron’s shoulders.

“It was good. Two games sitting in the stands I wasn’t very happy, but I just need to keep ready for when I’m needed,” said Caron. “I know they have confidence in me, and so far I’ve been playing pretty good. I just need to make plays offensively, and I need to finish off any of my checks.