When we last looked at the Hurricanes scoring chance numbers, I said that the team's even strength performance was very solid and more wins should come if they continue to outshoot and outchance teams during five-on-five play. Nine games have been played since then and the Hurricanes have gone 6-2-1 during that stretch, so they are beginning to "turn the corner" so to speak and their record is starting to match up with their strong underlying numbers.

During even strength play, the Hurricanes have owned 52.7% of the scoring chances and have been outchanced at even strength in only three games this season. This is a very good sign because it shows that this squad is more capable of controlling the play at even strength and less likely to rely on the goaltenders to steal games for them. They've had to do that in a couple of games, namely Cam Ward in the overtime win over Ottawa, but Carolina has been outplaying their opponents more times than not this season going by their season scoring chance differential.

That being said, Carolina has a few issues and one of their biggest problems is getting off to slow starts.