Carmelo Anthony turned 30 on Thursday, got a new Corvette Stingray from his wife, LaLa, and is now spending his birthday week in the Bahamas. Online photos show Anthony driving a jet ski through the blue waters with his son, Kiyan. Another has the Anthony family dressed up in native headdresses at a Caribbean festival.

His buddy LeBron James will spend much of June working the NBA Finals for the fourth straight season.

Anthony and James each have opt-out clauses in their contracts that could make them free agents July 1. James never talked about it this season. Anthony never stopped talking about it this season.

Perhaps if Anthony knows James will opt in, Anthony will, too. Knicks president Phil Jackson is attempting to convince Anthony just that in the latest twist revealed Friday. The Post reported Anthony has until June 23 to decide.

Anthony has a lot to think about — at a career crossroads at age 30. Knicks officials, from the coaching staff on up, have spent the past year whispering in his ear, trying to persuade him into re-signing as a July free agent.

Jackson has taken on more of a tough-love approach. First, the Zen Master proclaimed Anthony should consider taking a paycut to stay a Knick and give them 2015 flexibility to add two prominent free agents.

Then the Jackson topped that Friday in revealing his desire for Anthony to delay free agency a year, so he can make a more educated decision as Jackson changes the Knicks’ culture. If anything, it will give the two a chance to get to know each other better instead of agreeing on a shotgun marriage.

Jackson said the club “will survive” if Anthony becomes a free agent and bolts. If you want to parse Jackson’s remarks and conclude he wants him to leave, guess again.

Jackson wants Anthony to stay, but on his terms. He doesn’t want “Melo the Brand,” he wants “Melo the Consummate Team Basketball Player’’ — something he hasn’t been in 11 seasons, evidenced by just one trip to the conference finals. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were not consummate team players until Jackson arrived either.