The deep right arm contusion suffered by Carmelo Anthony has put his participation in the All-Star game in Houston in question. If he were to miss the game, the week that Josh Smith and Al Horford has just completed might, just might, have done enough to get named to the squad.

Per NBA Stats, Smith has enjoyed a nice run over the last 10 games in the traditional, typically looked at by coaches and commissioners, categories. Smith has averaged the magical 20/10, going 21.3 and 10.3 over those 10 games. That's good enough for fifth among all NBA forwards over that time, behind only LeBron James, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge and Anthony.

His rebounding is fourth for this arbitrary, round number games period, behind known collectors David Lee, Zach Randolph and Reggie Evans.

But Josh isn't the only hot, hot Hawk. Over that same 10 game span, Al Horford has scored more of those points per game than any center in basketball except for Brook Lopez at 19.5 per game. Horford couldn't quite crest the 10 rebounds per game to make the perfect meme for traditional stat watchers, so his 9.8 over that span will need to suffice.