The Knicks were determined to end their four-game losing streak Sunday night, and if they needed to do a little pushing and shoving to get there, they were prepared to do just that.
They appeared angry and took most of their frustration out on forward Spencer Hawes in a much-needed 99-93 win over the Sixers at the Garden.
The Philadelphia center endured a whack from Carmelo Anthony and then a shove from Tyson Chandler, all for a couple free throws in a losing effort. After being hit in the back of the head by Anthony, Hawes got in the face of the Knicks star with 7:29 remaining in the third quarter. That prompted Chandler to step in and defend his teammate, pushing Hawes and sending him spiraling backwards.
“When you lose four in a row, we haven’t done that very often, you’re a little on edge a little bit,” Mike Woodson said. Anthony, who said he didn’t intend to hit Hawes, was appreciative of Chandler having his back.

“That was good, that was big-time. Tyson came up and diffused the situation,” Anthony said. “He did what he had to do, protecting his teammates.”
The Knicks also got an efficient performance from Amar’e Stoudemire, who came off the bench and hit nine of 10 shots, finishing with 22 points.

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