The year was 2007, and Carlos Santana was learning how to catch as a member of the Class A Great Lakes Loons. In the process, he suddenly seemed to forget how to hit.

"No way," said Andy Mota, Santana's long-time agent. "That's what Carlos told me when the Dodgers moved him [from third base] to catcher." Then Mota talked about "the fear that every kid coming out of poverty feels at some point" in their careers as Santana lost his confidence at bat as he was learning a new position.

"That's why this is such a big day for Carlos," said Mota. "He can just relax and play."

Tuesday Santana signed a five-year, $21 million extension with the Tribe with a club option of $12 million for 2017. Santana led the Indians with 27 homers and 97 walks in 2011, along with driving in 79 runs. His .239 batting average needs work, as does his defense.