Tuesday was the one-year anniversary of the worst day in Carlos Santana's baseball career.

Guess where he celebrated it? Same spot, same ballpark with the same team as an opponent.

Santana was back behind the plate at Fenway Park. Back behind the same dish where many in the Indians organization felt his career could have ended when he was knocked head over heels in a collision at the plate on Aug. 2, 2010. You've heard of people in car accidents being knocked out of their shoes. Santana, in full catcher's gear, was knocked out of one of his baseball spikes from the force of Ryan Kalish's slide.

Kalish, by the way, has been on the disabled list for most of this year with shoulder and neck injuries.

Santana's left leg was put in an air cast and he was driven off the field, slumped on the back of an emergency vehicle. After the doctors were able to assess the damage, the injury was not as bad as feared. Still, Santana's rookie season was over and he spent the rest of the winter rehabbing a strained lateral collateral ligament on the outside of his left knee.