Sitting in the corner of the locker room, feet propped up, Carlos Gonzalez remains comfortable, unbothered. He makes everything look easy, whether it's playing video games or streaming songs through his Dr. Dre Beats headphones.

Not since Larry Walker have the Rockies had a player this talented. Forget a bat. He might as well take a joystick into the batter's box because his life has become a video game.

He can do anything he wants on the field. So my challenge is simple: Keep bringing this energy, this attitude, this passion.

Because the game seems so effortless, CarGo can look like he's hotdogging or is uninspired. He has a lot of Rickey Henderson in his game, with the underhand catches and long stares at home runs.

"That's my style," he said with no apologies.

It's that creativity that makes him unique. For 99 percent of the population, sports are difficult. We roll up our sleeves, bloody our knuckles and embrace guys like Pete Rose, who ran to first base on walks. It worked for Charlie Hustle.

CarGo needs to be himself, not who we want him to be, so he brings swagger like Reggie Jackson. That's a bad thing? Life is not all vanilla ice cream and Dockers slacks.