Carlos Beltran was booed Sunday. Life has changed drastically for the guy San Francisco welcomed 15 month ago as the apparent savior.

Beltran hit .323 in 44 games for the 2011 Giants, .378 in September, so it wasn't his fault they finished eight games out of first place and three games back in the wild-card race.

It was his fault, at least partly, that the Giants lost Game 1 of the National League Championship Series on Sunday. He continued his historic postseason run and hit a two-run homer off Madison Bamgarner that gave the Cardinals a 6-0 cushion in the fourth inning, and it stood up as the difference when the Giants answered with four runs - and then stopped hitting.

"Last year after the trade here, I thought we had the opportunity to be in the playoffs," Beltran said. "Unfortunately, it didn't happen. This season, I got the opportunity to be here."

Here, meaning with St. Louis, where he and the Cardinals had such a nice year that the great Albert Pujols is a mere memory. Beltran hit 32 homers in the regular season and has three in the postseason. In his career, he has 14 homers in 29 postseason games, and his one-homer-per-7.74-at-bat ratio is the lowest in history, ahead of Babe Ruth's one in 8.6.

After Sunday's game, Beltran reiterated his claim that conversations never took place between his agents and the Giants after last season. He was a free agent and signed a two-year, $26 million contract with the Cardinals on Dec. 22.

The Giants have a whole different view of what happened last winter.

"I didn't hear from the Giants," Beltran said. "In my case, being a free agent, I had to make my move. I had to find a place I could be. I made it clear I wanted to come back. It didn't happen. I understand this is a business. I understand teams have priorities. They feel I might not be the right fit for the organization, whatever.