The call did not sit well with the Red Wings, but neither did a lot of other things Monday night.

Of all the things the Wings did wrong in Game 6’s 4-3 loss at Joe Louis Arena, a penalty shot by Blackhawks winger Michael Frolik that ended up being the winning goal sat especially badly with several among the Wings.

Chief among those was Carlo Colaiacovo, whose attempts to stop a breakaway Frolik led to the penalty shot. Colaiacovo appeared to give Frolik a two-handed slash, but it wasn’t much and it was an eye-opening call to make in a tight playoff game.

“I just tried to make a play to the with a shot and it hit him in the hand,” Colaiacovo said. “I was just trying to get it down to the net and it was a fluke bounce. There was not much I could really do — I’m just trying to make a play. It’s unfortunate the way it ended. I thought I did a good job recovering. I haven’t seen the play. I didn’t think I hit him in the hand. I thought I hit him in his pants. It’s an unfortunate call.

“I was surprised they called a penalty shot.”

Coach Mike Babcock said of the call that “it doesn’t matter what I say.” Babcock said the “worst call of the night was the one on (Pavel) Datsyuk. That was awful.”

Niklas Kronwall pointed to the logo on his shirt to hint at what he thought and limited his verbal response to saying that “it doesn’t matter what I think. The ref made a call and that’s what it is.”

Frolik put a nice deke move on Jimmy Howard.

“I have a few moves and this is one of them,” Frolik said. “I tried some moves on Jimmy Howard before and they didn’t work out. This one I didn’t try, so I said, let’s give it a shot, and it worked out.

“I didn’t have anything to lose. I was happy it went in. I tried to just take a deep breath and focus and do the shot.”

Howard didn’t want to talk about it. “No comment,” he said.