One thing was for sure after the Cardinals completed the second day of baseball’s three-day amateur draft. Today, they will be taking some outfielders and catchers in the final 30 rounds. They took none of either the first two days.
“We may have to take some of those shortstops we drafted and make them center fielders,” joked scouting director Dan Kantrovitz.

The Cardinals, who chose high school shortstop Oscar Mercado, a Colombian native, in the second round Thursday, added two more high school shortstops Friday in California teenager Chris Rivera (seventh round), who also catches and throws a mean fastball as a pitcher, and Canadian fast-riser Malik Collymore, who surprised Kantrovitz by being available in the 10th round.

Part of Friday’s activity, which covered rounds 3-10, was devoted to “cost certainty,” as pertaining to the bonus cap of $6.9 million the Cardinals had for their first 11 picks over 10 rounds. That meant taking some college veterans, including senior righthanders Nick Petree of Missouri State (ninth round) and Andrew Pierce (eighth round) of Southern Mississippi and senior lefthander Jimmy Reed of Maryland, who was the sixth-round choice.

“We found an opportunity to make a run at pitchers we really liked at a price we liked, so we really tried to take advantage of it,” said Kantrovitz.

“Going in, we didn’t plan on taking that many pitchers, but the opportunity and the price presented itself.”

But Kantrovitz said the senior pitchers were taken for more than their signability.

“You look at guys like Petree, Pierce and Reed ... those were some of the best college pitchers in the past few years. We saved some much-needed cap space but at the same time we were getting some really good players and major league prospects as part of it,” Kantrovitz said.

Through 11 picks, the Cardinals have taken four lefthanded starting pitchers and, like first-rounders Marco Gonzales and Rob Kaminsky, Reed and Florida high schooler Ian McKinney, are both 5-foot-11.