When someone gets hurt, the Cardinals typically put out a statement.
When it’s something worse, the Cardinals put on suits.

When general manager John Mozeliak and manager Mike Matheny walked into Tuesday afternoon’s news conference at Busch Stadium, both men wore business attire: coat, tie and firm expressions. This was not business casual, but rather serious business. A possibility the club had confronted numerous times but somehow avoided in recent years had become reality.

On Friday, Chris Carpenter, his voice wavering, phoned Mozeliak to inform him: “I can’t pitch.”

Carpenter didn’t mean he couldn’t pitch that day, or this week, or couldn’t take his first couple turns during next month’s Grapefruit League play.

This time, the implication is Carpenter can’t pitch for good.

“He’s hurt,” Matheny said. “There’s no manuscript for how you handle the adversity that comes, especially late in your career. It doesn’t make it easy, even if you’re prepared.”

Concussion syndrome prematurely ended Matheny’s Gold Glove career as a catcher. He and Mozeliak spoke repeatedly over the weekend with Carpenter, who stayed away from Tuesday’s announcement while contemplating his medical options.

Mozeliak described Carpenter as sad and, though no conversation took place in person, called the player’s words Friday “teary-eyed.” The general manager said little about outside options to compensate for Carpenter’s absence, instead referring to the bank of young arms featuring Joe Kelly, Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal. Before last weekend, the club looked at the trio as depth. Now they’re a necessity.