Mired in a slump that has seen his average drop to .163, David Freese is not in the Cardinals' lineup tonight, and manager Mike Matheny said he could receive multiple days of rest as he seeks an answer.

Matheny admitted that the strategy of letting his third baseman play through his struggles has not worked. Thus, taking more than one day to work on his swing is an option.

"We've tried to let him play through it but he's not heading in a good direction," Matheny said. "So, at that point you say take a different perspective and give him a little bit of time to see how he responds. Last year we gave him two or three in a row, and he was able to get some work done and was a different guy."

The Cardinals will face the Reds with Matt Carpenter playing third and Daniel Descalso at second.

Freese doesn't have a hit since April 22. Since that time he is hitless in 16 at-bats.

"Right now he's just not seeing the ball, and when that happens it's hard to go in there and get work and come out at game speed and take what you've been working on to put it into action," Matheny said. "He just needs a little time to physically work on his swing and mentally gather his thoughts."