As Hurricane Iselle, followed potentially by Hurricane Julio, was bearing down on the Big Island on Thursday, Kolten Wong’s family was boarding windows for what would be Hawaii’s first hurricane in 22 years.

“They’re just getting ready for the worst,” said Wong, who lives in Hilo. “It’s kind of crazy. You never really hear about back-to-back hurricanes coming.”

Wong said he welcomed the 1 hour 4 minute rain delay at the start of Thursday night’s game at Busch Stadium against the Boston Red Sox to check signals with back home. His family members, meanwhile, kept their thoughts off what might be coming by watching the ballgame on TV.

“The only thing my dad told me was, ‘Don’t worry about me. Just worry about the game,’’’ Wong said.

And what a game. For the first time in his big-league career, Wong scored three runs. More of substance, he hit two homers in a game for the first time since college, the second one a 423-foot shot that provided the final run in 5-2 victory, leaving the Cardinals one game behind Milwaukee in the National League Central Division race.

At 5 feet 9, Wong was the only player to hit a ball out of the park in this series, let alone two of them, as more noted sluggers such as Matt Holliday, Yoenis Cespedes and Oscar Taveras fired rockets to left center and center but those balls were caught. Meanwhile, Wong homered twice closer to the right-field line.

“All my friends back at home were texting me that some of the winds from there came here and blew my (home run) balls out,” Wong said. “The whole time I’ve been home I’ve never had to experience anything like this. It (stinks) not being there to be with them. It’s terrifying.”

But, said Wong, “Everybody I talked to ... they weren’t watching the news, they were watching our game.”

The Red Sox lineup scarcely resembled the one that beat Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright twice in last year’s World Series. Only three starters from that club were in the lineup that faced him Thursday.