Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal has had a significant setback in his recovery from a torn ligament in his right elbow and the club is now left to pursue options for treatment.

As Rick Hummel reported in this morning's Post-Dispatch, Furcal experienced ongoing and increasing pain in the right elbow as a result of a bone spur in the joint. The pain has also returned to the area around the ligament.

The latter is the greater concern for the club.

Furcal has been told to discontinue his baseball activities, manager Mike Matheny confirmed this morning at the Washington Nationals' ballpark before the teams' game there.

"It kind of went in a bad direction," Matheny said. "I don't know the severity of it, but it's not good news. ... He's done quite a bit of rehab and to go backward isn't a good sign."

Furcal had an MRI taken of the elbow Friday and the picture revealed inflammation in the ligament, general manager John Mozeliak confirmed. He said that "inflamed" was the best description for the ligament, not that it had seen further damage. Furcal has a slight tear of the ligament, but it had healed since the initial injury.

Furcal will go for a second opinion early this week, Mozeliak said. It's possible that review will be sought from Dr. James Andrews.