A few weeks ago Arizona Cardinals fans were pushing the panic button and wanted to replace starting quarterback Carson Palmer. I defended him and said stay the course. No need to replace a quarterback on a team that was 2-2 at the time. Now they are 3-4 and probably out of the NFC West division race after losing Thursday night 34-22 to the Seattle Seahawks. So where do the Cards go from here?

Right now I say you must stick with Palmer. You are paying him and I still believe he gives you the best chance to win. I will say this though these next three games should dictate whether we see backup Drew Stanton or not. They have home games against the Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans with a bye thrown in the middle and then a road game at the Jacksonville Jaguars. If they can manage those three games and win and go 6-4 you can’t think about Stanton yet no matter how the Cards win. Now go 1-2 or 0-3 in that stretch bring Stanton on.

I just am not a believer in removing the starting quarterback despite the numbers despite the interceptions not all his fault by the way when your team still has a chance at winning a bunch of games. Do I think its possible to go 3-0 in this next stretch? Sure. Do I think it probable? No not after what I saw last night.