Giants manager Bruce Bochy didn’t realize it when he wrote his lineup for Friday’s home opener and World Series banner raising, but it’s 100 percent true:

The batting order is identical to the group he started behind Barry Zito in that pivotal Game 5 of the NLCS at St. Louis last October.

The Cardinals couldn't knock out the Giants back then, but they almost wrecked Bochy's lineup continuity. They almost signed Marco Scutaro.

“I thought we were right in the middle of it,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny told me. “We made the best run we could at him. He wanted to come back, and we understood that. At the time, we had a weakness in the our middle infield and we knew a player of his caliber could help us.”

Did they ever. Scutaro made a miraculous recovery from Matt Holliday’s out-of-the-baseline takeout slide in Game 2 and went 14-for-28 to win NLCS MVP honors.

Holliday even made a recruiting pitch via text to Scutaro in the offseason, just to make sure there were no hard feelings that would impact his decision.

As it so happens, the Cardinals will be standing on the baseline when the Giants raise the World Series banner. And Holliday is in the lineup. But Bochy insisted there will be no brushbacks.

The Giants, and Scutaro, already got the retaliation they wanted.

“To be honest, I didn’t even think about it until you just mentioned it,” Bochy said to a reporter who asked about the Holliday slide.

Scutaro is off to a slower start this season, with just a bunt single in three games at Dodger Stadium. He isn’t seeing the ball so well, either. A Josh Beckett curveball on Wednesday caused him to recoil in self-preservation, even though the pitch fluttered back across the zone for a strike.