There are varying degrees of angst within the Toronto locker room about the team’s surprisingly poor play and lack of results.

The Raptors take on Philadelphia on Monday in the midst of the worst slump the team has faced since before its franchise-altering Rudy Gay deal with the Sacramento Kings in late 2013.

The team, of course, took off from there, easily winning the Atlantic Division and falling a shot short of advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Things were going even better for a large chunk of this season. The Raptors led the East for a while, have basically already wrapped up a second straight division crown and have been in the 2-3 range in the conference for some time now. Yet, everything is starting to go awry, Toronto is just 13-14 since Jan. 1 and, if left unchecked, all of that impressive success will be couched in failure.

Amir Johnson and DeMar DeRozan believe the Raptors will figure it out.

“We’re good though,” Johnson interrupted a questioner after Saturday’s loss in New York City who was pointing out things have not gone well during this five-game losing skid.

“We’re still good ... We can’t feel sorry for ourselves even though we’re losing.”

DeRozan said the team would be a “scary sight” when it gets rolling again.

Greivis Vasquez put the current situation bluntly, though: “Our confidence, our swagger is just gone,” he said.