Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has four more assistant coaches than did his predecessor, Ken Whisenhunt, and the extra manpower allowed the Cardinals to try something unique, at least by NFL standards, in practice on Tuesday.

For 11-on-11 drills, Arians split the 90-man squad in half, with the first two units or so on one field, and the rest of the players on the other.

“We wanted to make sure we maximized the opportunities our rookies got,” Arians said after the first full-team practice of the off-season. “You can’t find a diamond in the rough if (he’s) standing on the sideline watching. You can find one if he’s out there working.”

Arians said he hadn’t participated in that type of practice in 20 seasons as an NFL coach. He stayed with the first unit but will review video of the entire team with the coaching staff.

“The offensive tackles got a good workout; there were only four of them,” he said. “They knew it was coming. I was proud of them.”