Yesterday, the Yankees announced that it will be three weeks until they evaluate Mark Teixeira. That leaves the Yankees with Rob Refsnyder, whose natural position isn't first base, and Chris Parmelee, who hasn't had much success in his six seasons of part-time play in the majors. Even if the Yankees think Teixeira might make it back this season, Brian Cashman is probably going to take a look at first base options around the league.

In recent seasons, Cashman has traded for relatively low-risk, low-cost players such as Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy. At the time of the each trade, both Headley and McCarthy were veteran players who were struggling and weren't under contract for the next season. Unless Cashman pulls off a major deal, here are a few players like this who he might be interested in.

Mitch Moreland, Texas Rangers
Contract: one year, $5.7 million
Age: 30

Of the 28 first basemen with qualifying at-bats, Moreland ranks 27th in wRC+ with 64 this season. This wouldn't seem like an upgrade for most teams except that Teixeira, before getting hurt, was ranked 28th with a wRC+ of 48. Coming off of his best season, Moreland was expected to be better than this. It's a good bet that Moreland will bounce back from his abysmal start, which makes him a good candidate for the Yankees. The biggest hindrance to this scenario is that the Rangers are currently in first place in the AL West. This might end up helping the Yankees though, since the Rangers could be looking to get more production out of first base than they are currently getting.

Yonder Alonso, Oakland Athletics
Contract: one year, $2.6 million
Age: 29

Alonso ranks just ahead of Moreland and Teixeira with a wRC+ of 69 so far this season.