Oklahoma State defensive end Cole Walterscheid was arrested Sunday morning after being spotted sleeping on a Jimmy John’s sign in Stillwater.

As reported by Nathan Ruiz of the O’Colly, Walterscheid was found in a grassy area sleeping on top of an object 12 hours after the Cowboys had beaten TCU. He was arrested for public intoxication early in the morning after being found by an OSUPD officer.

When the officer approached Walterscheid, he noticed the redshirt sophomore was passed out on top of a Jimmy John’s sign used on top of delivery cars. When Walterscheid woke up, he “reportedly began to approach the officer’s vehicle while carrying the car topper, walking unsteadily.”

“When asked what he was doing, Walterscheid reportedly told the officer he was walking home and that he got the car topper ‘at work.’ The officer asked Walterscheid whether he worked at Jimmy John’s, and Walterscheid replied, ‘No, that’s not from Jimmy John’s,’ according to the affidavit.”

Walterscheid reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol and had “bloodshot, watery” eyes but told the officer he only had “a little” to drink.