As much as we'd sometimes like it to, not everything worth discussing requires 1000 words.

So to cover all those things that don't, we've taken a page from the great Elliotte Friedman and pulled together an homage to his must-read "30 Thoughts" column. Each week we'll gather up a cross-section of our (probably less than 30) thoughts - some we agree on, others we don't, all about the past week in Caps hockey - and present them to you for discussion, debate and general merriment. Enjoy!

We've had a bit of a debate going over the new (or at least more strictly enforced) unsportsmanlike conduct penalty being doled out for players arguing - perhaps colorfully - over a call. The majority of your humble Rink staff like it, arguing that officials shouldn't be fair game for verbal abuse, that players know where the line is and shouldn't cross it. I disagree, because it seems like a call that's even more subjective than most without even the minimal accountability associated with other penalties. Where do you fall?