Asked about his team's reckless, brainless moments in a second straight game, coach Alain Vigneault said the Vancouver Canucks have turned the page from Saturday. It didn't look like it on Monday.

The Nashville Predators, minus most of their top forwards and headed to a golf course near you in two weeks, overwhelmed the Canucks in the second period here the way the last-in-conference Colorado Avalanche collapsed the Canucks in the third period in Denver.

The difference Monday is the Canucks' wobbled but didn't topple, blowing a two-goal lead against the Predators before recovering their equilibrium and cognitive skills to muster a 5-2 win that nudged Vancouver closer to its fifth straight Northwest Division title and a home-ice start to the National Hockey League playoffs in two weeks.

That resiliency has become as much a trademark of the Canucks as their hard work and twin-driven attack. Resiliency is good. The Vancouver power play's two goals, which equalled the unit's productivity over a 20-game span in the middle of the season, was also encouraging. So was the decent debut of a newly-created second line that features Derek Roy on Ryan Kesler's wing. And long-suffering Roberto Luongo, more popular as a forlorn backup than he ever was as an entitled starter, made 36 saves Monday in what may turn out to be his final appearance for the Canucks.

These are all good things.

But if the Canucks can implode for periods at a time when pressured by weak teams like the Avalanche and Predators, what happens when they get to the playoffs and must face the Los Angeles Kings or San Jose Sharks or St. Louis Blues?

“The game would be over,” Canuck captain Henrik Sedin said. “Those teams are going to score on you. I would have loved to play against us in the second period today – 3-on-2s, 2-on-1s. Their defencemen don't have to do anything, never have to go back for the puck.

“We made the same mistakes. We turn pucks over, so our defencemen can't get their gap (against opposing forwards) and they get a lot of 3-on-2s. It was the same thing in the third period in Denver.”