“I wear a mask. And that mask, it’s not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.” — Batman

VANCOUVER - What Eddie Lack is now is the Vancouver Canucks’ new No. 1 goalie and when your resumé includes only 29 National Hockey League games that brings with it some added pressure.

Canucks coach John Tortorella perhaps described it best: “It’s Batman and Robin. It’s easy to be Robin. When you become Batman, it changes a little bit.”

Lack is learning that the hard way.

Batman got burned Monday when the New York Islanders — a whole bunch of Jokers, if you will — put six goals by Lack in the third period to defeat the Canucks 7-4.

“We expect some bumps in the road with Eddie,” Tortorella said. “But I have seen him this year handle so many different situations and he really hasn’t played a lot of hockey with his injury and stuff like that. This is where we are going.”

The question, however, is whether Lack is ready for all that comes with being No. 1, especially in a market like Vancouver that richly deserves its reputation as a goalie graveyard.