The only guy in the Vancouver Canucks organization who traded Ryan Kesler on Wednesday was goalie Eddie Lack. Apparently, you make a rookie your starter and he thinks he owns the joint.

“Eddie Lack came up to me and told me I got traded to Pittsburgh,” Kesler said. “I’m probably going to shoot at his head the rest of the year. I’m happy I’m still a Canuck.”

Lack was duped by a phoney Twitter account and didn’t really try to trade Kesler. You may wonder, too, how hard general manager Mike Gillis tried to trade Kesler or any other core asset before allowing the National Hockey League trading deadline to pass Wednesday with only one minor move that will do nothing to shake the Canucks from their winter stupor.

Gillis had hoped to follow Tuesday’s blockbuster return of Canucks starting goalie Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers with another significant trade or two to further what Vancouver coach John Tortorella, among others, said is the necessary re-tooling of the team.

But the GM refused to yield on his asking price for Vancouver’s best player, frustrating the Pittsburgh Penguins and other bidders, and keeping Kesler with the Canucks until at least the end of this season.

“When you’re in the situation we’re in, teams try to — just like we would — take advantage of your situation,” Gillis said. “Any deals we talked about involving our players, we had a clear idea of the direction we wanted to go, and if those deals didn’t meet those expectations, we weren’t going to do it.”

But doing nothing certainly failed expectations of Canucks fans who crave change and are starting to feel ambivalence, which is worse than anger, toward a team.