If you’ve been sitting around waiting for the Vancouver Canucks to play invested, all-in hockey, you’ve been waiting a long time.

Turns out, all it took was the defending Stanley Cup champs to roll into town, a Ryan Kesler injury and Keith Ballard getting turfed out of the lineup.

Of course, getting Jonathan Quick on a night he’s doing his best impression of an average goalie sure helped.

So did giving the Sedins something they covet, a matchup against the other team’s top line. On Saturday, that meant Anze Kopitar, who stomped the Canucks in last spring’s playoffs.

This time, it was the Sedins doing the stomping. And the hacking, the shoving, and the dancing.

The Sedins were all over Kopitar, hitting him, poking him, sticking him and looking more like Kesler than the goal-producing surgeons who generally aren’t the aggressors who willingly get their hands dirty.

“It was good wasn’t it?” said a smiling Burrows. “I knew they had a little jump in their step in warm-up.”