This off-season, the Vancouver Canucks find themselves with a significant amount of cap space and because of it they should think about doing something wild. Like, not spending any of it.

At least, not on or around July 1 — and definitely not when it comes to bringing in expensive, veteran free agents already in their 30s, or close enough to them.

And, yes, that includes staying away from goaltender Ryan Miller.

The Canucks sit more than $17 million under the National Hockey League cap, a number that will admittedly shrink some when Bo Horvat, Erik Gudbranson and Nikita Tryamkin sign new contracts. But there will still be plenty left to play with and ways to create more, including the intriguing option being floated in some circles of exposing $4.375 million-per-year centre Brandon Sutter in the expansion draft.

The Canucks have tried bringing in free agents like Miller and Loui Eriksson already and that got them to 29th overall. They can get there just fine with Jacob Markstrom as their starter and a cheap backup.

All of this is important because the Canucks have strongly suggested they are all-in on a “rebuild,” of course without using that particular word — wink, wink, nudge, nudge.