In honour of the Canucks, here's something else that's difficult to read, the Monday morning musings and meditations on the world of sports.

Throughout this season the Canucks have been lauded for their even-keel approach and, as they boarded their charter for Nashville on Sunday and Game 6 Monday night, they didn't betray a great deal of emotion.

There was no anger over their performance in the Game-5 loss the night before. No frustration. There wasn't much of anything, really.

Head coach Alain Vigneault actually said, "I think we've played real hard. Our boys are trying."

Daniel Sedin said: "It's the playoffs. If you start to get p—d off or frustrated, you're in a bad spot."

Similar sentiments were uttered by other Canucks as they made their way through the departures level at YVR and maybe that's to be expected.

But it's interesting that the one discordant voice in the chorus belonged to Ryan Kesler, who clearly wasn't happy to be at the airport and clearly wasn't happy with the results of Game 5.

True, Kesler isn't exactly Mr. Personality at the best of times — when asked how many stitches he took after being struck in the face in the third period, he growled: "I don't know. I wasn't counting." — but there's also something about his demeanour the rest of the Canucks could learn from.

In the playoffs, you need someone who can raise the emotional ante. You need the Sgt. Rock types. Kesler has been carrying this team for the last three games, not because of his calm, professional approach, but because he's playing like his mortal soul is on the line.