A rough loss against the Chicago Blackhawks couldn’t do it.

Neither could a blowout at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings.

Maybe it will be the overtime loss to the surging doormats, the Columbus Blue Jackets, which helps kick start a Canucks season that’s been, at best, meandering.

Either that, or it could be the 160 pushups.

Winners of just three of 11 games, the Canucks have been missing something. You could say it’s centres and a power play, and you’d be right.

But Cory Schneider called it urgency. And Henrik Sedin said it was desperation.

Whatever it is, it inspired one of the Canucks’ first closed-door meetings of the season Saturday.

“We need to get a little bit more desperate,” Henrik said. “We can’t just go about our business and think not getting wins is good enough just because we’re playing well.