Two baseball lifers are swapping stories and smiles, because this is what happens when you ask about Bo Jackson. The Royals have opened fan voting for their team’s hall of fame, and Jackson’s name is on the list. Maybe this is the year that one of two transcendent stars in Royals history is finally inducted.

The lifers are laughing now. Some of the things Art Stewart and John Boles remember are so ridiculous, so impossible, they’d never believe any of it if they didn’t see it for themselves. Like, one day in 1986, Bo hit a ball in Memphis that went over the left-field wall, out of the stadium and onto the football field behind it.

Boles was scouting for the Royals then, sitting behind home plate. He rushed home to call his boss.

“Art,” he said, “you won’t believe this. I just saw the longest home run in my life.”

Stewart smiles and leans up in his chair. He is a member of the Royals’ hall and has been asked to keep his vote secret. But he signed Bo, and the spark in his eye is not off the record. He asks me who I will vote for.

“Bo,” I tell him. “But he was the athlete of my youth. I can’t be objective about this.”