Robinson Cano has not budged off his request of a 10-year, $310 million contract, a source with knowledge of the asking price told ESPN New York on Monday.

The Yankees remain very interested in keeping Cano, but not at that money or length. If the Yankees keep consistent with their current plans, Cano is going to need to drop about $100M-$120M off the sticker price. Since Cano is the best player on the market, there is expected to be a pretty good sized market. Texas has led speculation for awhile, but other clubs are sure to emerge.

It would be surprising if Cano signs prior to next month's Winter Meetings. This is the usually the norm for the top guys, but with the Yankees possibly lopping another $30 million off their commitments for next season because of Alex Rodriguez's up-in-the-air status, it makes sense for big time free agents to wait.

"A-Rod could slow everything down," a baseball official said. "Players always want the Yankees involved and the threat of them having extra money is leverage they probably will want to use."