The Carolina Hurricanes could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the NHL because of a scheduling conflict with N.C. State University over event dates at PNC Arena, Hurricanes president and general manager Jim Rutherford said Friday.

Gale Force Holdings, which owns the Hurricanes and operates the arena, has been at odds with the university’s athletic department for months over scheduling. A June 1 deadline for N.C. State to free up possible dates for the hockey games – as well as concerts, pro wrestling and other events – likely will not be met, Rutherford said.

“We do not have the dates,” he said Friday. “We have to have the dates (to the NHL) by June 1 or we will be fined for each date that we later change.”

The NHL releases its schedule in early July. If the dispute with N.C. State forces the Hurricanes to change game dates after the schedule is set, the league could fine the Canes $100,000 for each date that must be changed.

Under its agreement with Gale Force and the Centennial Authority, which oversees the arena, N.C. State has priority on scheduling dates in the arena. The Wolfpack plays its men’s basketball games in the arena, and football games at Carter-Finley Stadium necessitate the use of the shared parking lots.

Rutherford, in a May 14 letter to authority chairman Thomas McCormick, said the university was holding out 129 dates in a 214-day span for 23 basketball and football games. He said the “new restrictions that N.C. State is attempting to impose” severely limits Gale Force’s ability to book events.

In another letter, Rutherford noted N.C. State’s stance had caused the loss of one event, which would have netted about $170,000 for the arena.

An exchange of letters in the past few months, recently released by the Centennial Authority, reflects the tension between the Hurricanes and Wolfpack.

Rutherford, in a Sept. 24, 2012 letter to McCormick, said Gale Force had received a Sept. 6 letter from N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow and basketball coach Mark Gottfried. He said N.C. State’s position was that “we must grant them 100 percent priority over all dates at PNC Arena, without regard to the reasonableness of what is best for the Authority, the City, County, State, Gale Force, the Hurricanes or fans that wish to attend events.”

On Jan. 11, Rutherford wrote N.C. State chancellor Randy Woodson about the letter from Yow and Gottfried. He noted McCormick had met with Gale Force and N.C. State about the scheduling issues, and that PNC Arena general manager Davin Olsen had met with Yow and other athletic department officials.