As part of MLB’s efforts to improve the game, the league may soon have new baseballs.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, MLB has commissioned Rawlings to manufacturer a baseball with natural tact on the leather. This would eliminate the need for pitchers to use a foreign substance, like pine tar or sun screen, to improve their grip. The ball would be the same size and weight. It would just be stickier.

Here are some details from Passan:

MLB has commissioned Rawlings, its official manufacturer, to produce a ball with natural tack on the leather in hopes of eliminating the need for pine tar, sunscreen and rosin, or any other foreign substances whose use in recent years has blurred the legal-illegal line, sources familiar with the project told Yahoo Sports. The balls also would not need a pregame polish of Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud, the New Jersey-harvested muck that for decades has taken the sheen off the pearls that come out of the box.

The new baseballs were tested briefly in the Arizona Fall League last year, and Passan says a common complaint was the tackiness did not last long. Also, the fact they were using a pearly white baseball was unsettling to some players. The ball was functionally the same. It just looked different.