Could it even be possible that Mike Trout will get better than he was last season? We've all heard of the "sophomore slump", so a slight regression would be expected. Angels outfielder Mike Trout prepares for his first full season in the Majors - "When he first came up, to me, he chased the slider a little bit, he chased a little bit out of the zone, and the second time, he was a different cat," Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly said. "Anybody who learns that quick will make the adjustments for whatever someone's trying to do to him." I'm excited to see how the interaction on the field will work out in the Trout-Pujols-Hamilton dynamic. I'm hoping for a 1+ 1+1=4 type of season. By the way, Fangraphs has their player projections posted. Trout has the highest predicted WAR: Now Available: Full 2013 ZiPS Projections Spreadsheet - FanGraphs Baseball. "Highest Projected WAR (Field Players): Mike Trout, 8.0". But note, that IS lower than last season.